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Each year the gaming, tech, and pretty much every industry goes all-out for April Fool..

I love and hate April 1. I love all of the elaborate pranks that the likes of Google, Samsung, and other companies manage to pull off, I also hate sifting through the news both before and after April 1 because I’m just not sure what’s a joke and what’s serious. Take Amazon’s Dash Buttons for example, the idea seems just too good to be true, but Amazon is claiming it’s real. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE.. Either way, here’s a round up of this year’s best pranks which I know can’t be true.. right?

Google Unleashes PAC-Man into the world

Google’s pranks seem to get better and better. Times before we’ve had the search engine giant offering smell search, a gesture based browser, and much more. Now they’re taking it down a notch offering something a little more fun. You can turn Google Maps into a MASSIVE game of PAC-Man. Just load up anywhere in the world, and get chomping. Have PAC-Man running around your neighbourhood, or even better, head to Disney World and set him and his ghostly pals loose.

pac-man disney

Samsung’s Galaxy BLADE Edge, it’s a knife, but also a phone

D’ya know what’s the worst thing in the world? Being in the middle of cutting, having grease and sauce all over your hands, and needing to use your smartphone. Well in Samsung’s prank today they’ve announced the Galaxy BLADE Edge, a super sharp chef-grade knife with a phone built in.

“Running on the latest OS, the Galaxy BLADE edge comes with all the incredible features of the Galaxy S6, but its edge is so sharp and strong that the device can also serve as a chef’s knife. In fact, the Galaxy BLADE edge could very well render all the knives in your kitchen obsolete,” Samsung has announced.

Oh Samsung, you so funny. Though nothing tops last year’s prank.

samsung blade edge

Zombie Army THRILLogy

It’s not just tech companies getting ‘in’ on the action, gaming companies are also unleashing a whole host of ridiculous ideas, the latest and probably my most favourite of all is the latest release from Rebellion, Zombie Army Thrillog, a “dance game spin-off” to the popular Zombie Army series, which is also a spin-off from the Sniper Elite series. This game, which launches today (but not) will require you to also purchase a “next-generation four-player dance mat and motion-capture jumpsuit to play,” unfortunately they’re currently unavailable.

Check out the “launch trailer,” below:

[su_youtube url=”” width=”500″]

Game of Thrones CLUE

In the UK we know CLUE as CLUEDO, but the concept is the same. Players must figure out who the murderer is using a series of clues which they must discover by asking the other players questions until eventually they discover who the murderer is, what weapon they used, and where the murder took place. In total there are 324 combinations of murderer, weapons, and locations to keep the replayability high, but what if you’ve played through all 324 combinations? Well how does 69,120 combinations sound?

That’s exactly what you’ll get in the Game of Thrones CLUE from Think Geek. The game includes 48 suspects, 48 weapons, and an gameboard that spans eight square feet, here’s hoping you have a massive kitchen table..

got clue

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, but with dogs..

It seems Capcom has also got in on the action offering a new variant to the favourite lawyer series, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. This time however, Phoenix Write has a bone.. but not to pick.. In this new game he’s a dog! Developed for the Barktendo 1DOGS system, this new entry into the Phoenix Wright series has dogs, and lots of them.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

[su_youtube url=”” width=”500″]

The clip-on Man Bun

ASOS’ latest prank is something I’m not 100 per cent sure is actually a prank. I’ve seen some of the things that company sells in order to be “on trend” and if this was actually a real product, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Either way, if you want to become as trendy as some of the fellas out there, here’s ASOS Australia’s latest product offer:

Have we missed any truly hilarious April Fool pranks? Let us know in the comments!

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