As expected, after the leak of the teaser trailer, the full Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer has now been officially released.

Batman v Superman’s teaser is a bit like what happened to Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron isn’t it? Though Marvel had a witty quip about their leak being a result of HYDRA, so they managed to make it into a little positive press for themselves. Sadly DC aren’t in a position to really be calling things like that (LexCorp, maybe?) but hey, maybe we need to stop announcing these things early and just start showing them? We can stop a whole bunch of leaks then! Do a Beyoncé on the world and just drop it and watch the world cry with joy.

Anyway, I’ve prattled on enough around how I disapprove of marketing tactics for superhero movies over the last few posts I’ve made, time to get down to business. I freakin’ love Batman, I also freakin’ love Superman. So for this trailer to come out now is the perfect chance to do a trailer break down and tie in some possible theories for the upcoming movie. Some of these musings you’ve no doubt heard around the web already, maybe I’ll come up with something new, we’ll see. Either way, you’ll definitely be able to tell which of the two caped heroes I’m a bigger fan of as you read. Right, let’s do this…

Please remember that everything here is pure speculation!

First off! We start with an intercutting of dialogues talking about the Man of Steel and how he is understandably a figure of controversy, sliding in with darker tidings from protesters and naysayers. Did you catch Lex’s little piece? ‘No… They come from the sky.’ Neil deGrasse Tyson and Holly Hunter also can be heard in that opening. Superman tore shit up in Man of Steel, so it’s understandable that he’s going to appear to be held accountable for the damage that he caused. It’s not often the mess that superheroes leave behind is truly spoken about, but after the fight between General Zod and Supes it’s nice to see that the people of Metropolis remember.

superman statue

An iconic image of the Superman statue is something that’s existed in a multitude of forms since Superman has really existed. His statue resides in his protectorate city of choice, Metropolis, and as we get closer we find that the statue has been defaced with the phrase ‘FALSE GOD’ whilst an off screen angry mob are chanting for him to go home. Ooooh, scary.

Whilst we’re zooming in on the shot here, we’re getting a few glimpses of things Superman appears to have been up to since we last saw him in Man of Steel. Superman has gone global, as shown by the fact he’s hanging out in Mexico for Dia de las Muertas and elsewhere catching what looks like a Russian satellite or space craft. Then we get to a really weird bit…

Those very paramilitary looking soldiers bowing to Superman (in his far more colourful suit) look like they have his logo on their arms, you can’t see it perfectly, but it’s definitely there. I’m getting strong undertones of Injustice: Gods Among Us here…

Superman Soldiers

I would also like to pitch my tent and say that since Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, I had the utmost faith that he will be the best Batman we’ve seen on screen. I know the teaser doesn’t give much, but I still stand by that.

Anyway. Onto Alfred’s monologue about good men turning cruel. Speculation so far appears to be on the quote referring to Bruce Wayne himself, as that’s who the shot lingers on… But I disagree. I think Alfred’s talking about Superman, and this is where my own larger theory for the movie comes into play.

battfleckSuperman is getting to big for his britches, and it needs to stop. Batman, if we’re following The Dark Knight Returns, has been around for a long time at this point. He’s been beating dudes up for a while now and no doubt that having this super-dude going around and wrecking everything isn’t going to be something he necessarily approves of, given that mass damage like that no doubt results in a number of casualties – if not fatalities. Batman doesn’t kill people, and he certainly doesn’t want them to die as a result of him, or anything. Superman needs to be told what’s up, because he too was one who believed in no killing, but after the events of Man of Steel… Has that stuck?

The trailer moves on after a shot of the Batsuit, looking incredibly reminiscent of Frank Miller’s design and then jumps to an interesting shot of Batman in the background holding something you can’t actually see properly. Though there is a Riddler style question mark on one of the pillars on the left, tip of the hat, or promise for the future? We’ll find out eventually I’m sure. I reckon that this run down place might be the train station in Metropolis, it was utterly destroyed during Superman and Zod’s fight, but the architecture is similar.

batman riddlerThe Batwing seems to be doing a startling amount of damage and definitely killing people. That’s not the Batman way! The trucks explode and you just know the two guys shooting at it aren’t surviving that one. Is Batman the one who’s starting to kill people? Or has someone else got control of the Batwing and trying to defame Batman? Or is it just a Hollywood thing where they hope we don’t notice and it’s all actually fine? We also catch a glimpse of the Batmobile going into the fray, possibly chasing the Batwing down, it’s just too little to get a good grasp on what exactly’s going on here.

As the logo starts to gradually be revealed, we get an excellent shot of a seriously beefed up, padded/armoured Batman. I need to add here that even though we still have a similar grit to the Nolan-verse in this series, we need to remember that Nolan was playing to a realistic angle, that, for this? Gone. It just has to be gone, because there’s no realism in an alien in a blue suit and red cape flying around that can convince us this is real. But this is a good thing, because it means that we might be getting a Batman far closer to the comics who can pull just about any trick out of his arse and make it work. He can be more like the Batman that everyone fears because he’s the goddamn Batman who could probably rip a tank in two with his bare hands because he ‘has a plan’.

batman rifle

More Dark Knight Returns comes in this shot because that is definitely the rifle that he has in the comic. Some mistook it for the top of the tower that he’s standing on, but if you pause and look closer, that is definitely a scope, grip and barrel of a rifle.

LOOK HOW GOOD THIS IS Batman*weeps tears of joy* I need a minute.

Okay I’m good.

Just look at that Batsuit! It’s jumped right off the damn page of the Dark Knight Returns. This Batman is going to fuck you up and make you thank him for doing it. It’s interesting as well that Batman’s powersuit looks like it’s seen a bit of damage already, though with this being a more veteran Batman there isn’t any reason why he can’t have used this before. Either way, this looks like the start of the show down, and I love the fact that Batman has a voice displacer on his suit Arrow style rather than gargling gravel.

Debate time. Does Batman say ‘Do you bleed?‘ or ‘Do you plead?’ both work in context of ‘You will.’ following, but I personally can’t quite tell on which. If it’s the first, I guess it’s a little silly, because he answers his own question. But who cares it’s Batman.

Then boom, logo, title, coming 2016. My body is ready.

What are your thoughts on the teaser trailer? Have I missed anything? Anything I’ve said you don’t necessarily agree with? Comment below! We love hearing your thoughts and theories!

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