Get building, smashing, exploding, and defending in Block n Load, Jagex’s ambitious FPS.

What do you get when you smash elements of Minecraft with parts of Team Fortress 2? In reality, a pixelated mess.. probably. In theory though, you’ve got Block N Load, a brand new first person shooter, tower defence, tactical action game from Jagex. You may already be aware that it’s been in the Early Access phase since its announcement in December last year, but now after an intense few months testing and tweaking the game, it’s ready to be unleashed into the world.

If you’re not entirely sure what Block N Load is, it’s a first person multiplayer shooter where teams of 5 go against each other to not only protect their own series of cube generators, but also attack their opponents at the same time. In order to do this efficiently each team has three or so minutes to build defences using a series of blocks, whether they’re armed with turrets, huge difficult to destroy concrete blocks, or blocks which can be used to fling the player for miles across the map.

Jagex’s Shooter Block N Load Explodes out of Early Access - n3rdabl3

At launch the game has a total of six heroes to choose from, and more as time goes on, and an ever growing array of blocks at the players disposal, every game is different. Players also have freedom to do whatever they want, whether it’s to burrow underneath the map to the enemy’s cube core, or to build a huge sky bridge to rain death from above. The possibilities are endless.

“We’ve tried to do something different with Block N Load. We wanted to make a game where building is as important as bullets, where smarts are as important as skills, and where players could contribute to their team in their way,” said David Solari, vice president of Block N Load. “We can’t wait to see the creativity and invention of those that play Block N Load now that it’s live. Today’s launch is only the beginning. We have a player first mentality, and we look forward to an exciting journey with the players as the game evolves.”

Block N Load launches today on Steam, and even better than just launching, it dives straight into this weekend’s free weekend on Steam so EVERYONE can play. The game will also be offered at a 15 per cent discount off of its usual price of £10.99. So what are you waiting for block heads? Block N Load!