What you thought about the Battlestar Pegasus is probably all wrong..

If you’re a Battlestar fan, you’re probably reading that title and thinking “I know the origin of the Battlestar Pegasus, the other ship from Battlestar Galactica.” Well like the well known business man and ruffian known as Alexander Luthor (Lex to his friends and his enemies) “Wrong!!!”

That’s right Dynamite Comics produced a comic which took place before the origin. So let’s call this the origin of the origin. The reason the whole crew of the Pegasus are a bunch of war hungry toaster blasters.

For those of you don’t know, the term Battlestar refers to a class of warship used by the 12 colonies to maintain order and defend them from Cylons (robots the colonies built and rebelled in a rather violent manner). The Battlestar Pegasus has docked as the Scorpia shipyards from a retrofit and all non-combat personnel has gone on shore leave. Admiral Caine is still haunted by her childhood as she remembers the first Cylon War.

The Admiral and her crew are then tasked with a mission. Another Battlestar has gone missing, The Battlestar Chronos. This ship had been sent over The Cylon border in space to ascertain what happened to a stealth reconnaissance mission launched by the Battlestar Valkyrie.

Battlestar fans will know that’s the ship Commander Adama was in charge of before commanding Galactica and the stealth mission was why he was moved there. The Pegasus head, looking the Chronos and it’s commander Admiral Tong, discovered the destroyed remains of the Chronos and are ambushed by The Cylons.

The Pegasus jumps away after taking some serious damage. In the mean time a rag-tag team of Vipers take on the oncoming Cylon Raiders, a distress signal is then picked up leading to hope that they’ve found the survivors of The Chronos.

After being traced to an old space station, a small team of Raptors is dispatched and find the remains of the crew and a Cylon ambush and a shell-shocked Admiral Tong.

The Raptor teams extract Tong and return the Pegasus. Though Tong has seen too much and kills himself as they return to the shipyards to be part of the end of the Twelve Colonies.

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starbuck nothin but the rain
starbuck nothin but the rain

I huge battlestar fan. Can’t get enough

starbuck nothin but the rain
starbuck nothin but the rain

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