In addition to the many new features coming to the PC version of GTA V comes a new Rockstar Video Editor

If you’ve been preparing your PC for the launch of Grand Theft Auto V on PC tonight, then Rockstat Games has one more little slice of heaven to serve up. Not only will the PC version come with much better visuals and frame rates and all that jazz, it’ll also come loaded with the Rockstar Video Editor a suite of tools needed to create, direct, and clip together an action movie made entirely out of GTA V either by yourself or online with your friends.

Create Gorgeous GTA V Movies with the Rockstar Video Editor - n3rdabl3

If you’re a budding director but don’t have the cash to splash on your own action movie, then you can get the next best thing with the PC version of GTA V. The Rockstar Video Editor is a complete suite of tools where you, your friends, and anyone else with the game can capture, cut, and alter footage which can then be spliced together and uploaded to YouTube in just a few clips. Think about it, you can create your very own GTA V movie production studio offering online players cash to star in your movie!

That’s pretty cool right? Well there’s more, it’ll also come with a Director mode where you can stage your own scenes. Select a location, choose the time of day, whether it’s raining, then you can spawn in a character from the story mode. You’ll even be able to add in insane things like explosive punches and zero gravity. You’ll then be able to capture footage, edit it up and splice it together to once again upload to YouTube.

Check out the overview trailer above.

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