DJI Phantom 3

The DJI Phantom 3 sets to bring more user-friendly 4K video recording to the masses

Chances are, if you’ve seen some video footage shot with a drone, the one being used will be the DJI Phantom. DJI’s range of consumer drones have become insanely popular and almost ubiquitous when it comes to drones with cameras slapped onto the bottom, and they just keep getting better. The latest drone from the company is the Phantom 3 and it’s sleeker and better than before, with two models on offer, the Professional and Advanced.

The two drones will be priced at $1,250 and $999 respectively, and offer little in the way of a visual update with the red band and faceplate being changed to gold. It’s the hardware and software they’re packing which has been given an upgrade with the new drones having a new downward-facing camera to give the device a visual positioning system which lets the device stay steady without a GPS signal, perfect when flying indoors.

The GPS has actually been given an update too utilising GLONASS, a Russian, satellite-based navigation system which works along side GPS to help the Phantom 3 find GPS signals quicker and understand where it is in the world. It’ll also come bundled with DJI’s Lightbridge system, a system which was once an optional add-on costing around $1,400. This new system allows users of the device to live-stream HD video from up to two kilometres away. This also allows the pilot to receive the footage as it’s recording, meaning that if your drone decides to land in the drink, you’ll still have the footage to use later on.

The difference between the Professional and the Advanced is apparent when looking at the on-board camera, with the Professional getting a 4K camera, and the Advanced gets a 1080p HD cam. Both can snap 12 megapixel still photo’s too. It’s also a big improvement over the Vision 2+ which offered 1080i at 60fps – the Phantom 3 offers 1080p60 with a larger sensor at 1/2.3″ and a flatter field of view at 94 degrees.

Along with the new release, the iOS and Android apps are getting an update too, with the Phantom 3 now working on the Pilot app. The app will also now feature a flight simulator mode meaning you can learn how to fly the Phantom 3 without fear of destroying $1,250 worth of kit. The Phantom 3 will also offer an autopilot “follow me” mode allowing for some awesome shots of you running away from your own drone, if that’s something you’d want to do.

You can pre-order the DJI Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced right now.

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