PlayStation 4 Exclusive, Everybody’s Gone to Rapture, is set to make everybody disappear this Summer.

The Chinese Room has announced, along with a new trailer, that Everybody’s Gone to Rapture, is set for a summer release. The new trailer accompanying the news shows us just one more reason why we should love this game. It looks absolutely incredible, and the story behind the title is pretty interesting too.

Everybody’s Gone to Rapture takes place in a small English village during The Rapture, a biblical apocalyptic event set in the 1980s. What you’re left with in this game is nothingness. Things still exist, but as you can see in the trailer, there’s no sign of anyone, no voice overs, just.. nothingness.

Experience the game’s one-shot gameplay trailer above along with the soundtrack which by itself is utterly beautiful. The soundtrack is set to be one of the highlights for Everybody’s Gone to Rapture with the team drafting in Air Studios to work with a handful of talented musicians.

“We’ve spent a fantastic week implementing it into the world and it’s transforming the experience, adding a huge jolt of warmth, depth, and humanity,” explains Dan Pinchbeck, creative director at The Chinese Room. “These are the most rewarding moments in development, where the game leaps forwards and just transforms around you. It’s really exciting and makes all of the grunt work worthwhile.”

The trailer also reveals a Summer 2015 release window too, which is exciting news in itself, but Pincbeck also revealed that they’re close to revealing an actual release date, which is fantastic news. Check out a few screens of Everybody’s Gone to Rapture, below.

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