Video: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man (fan film), produced by madeLEGITmedia

I like Spider-Man and I also like watching fan films on Youtube. So like Vegeta and Goku. Let’s fuse them together and have some fun.

We’re likely to have a bit of a Spider-Man dry spell for a couple of months, which many people won’t be able to stand – despite having numerous comics, games, TV shows and action figures, they just need that live action fix.

So that’s where I come in. Well, me and the recommended viewing function on YouTube, which brought me to Marvel Knights: Spider-Man (fan film), produced by madeLEGITmedia. The short five-minute film has been produced in view of promoting a crowd funding campaign to create a six-part series.

So our story follows Peter Parker on a semi-normal day foiling some criminals whilst introducing some big hitters for the proposed series. What I liked the most was Spider-Man’s costume. This goes back to something Kick-Ass writer Mark Millar said a few years ago on how street level superheroes create a costume. On creating the costume for Kick-Ass, he talked about how they did it on a modest budget that a teenager might have access to, since he thought it was strange how Spider-Man had a nice costume which cost Sony a lot of money to produce.

madeLEGITmedia’s costume is simple but works well – it’s just a Spider-Man mask with a set of civilian clothes. When thinking about it logically, it takes away the delay in changing costume and the budget issue. The only problem with it would be some may be able to recognise Peter much more easily if he just uses his civvies all the time!

What I didn’t like so much was how it was a little hard to hear Samuel Scimeca (who must be related to Jesse, the guy behind the camera) who portrays Peter Parker.  Just a little louder on direction and it’d be ace.

Good work on the fight scenes though: live and engaging. Also good work on producing a Lizard that looks more real than the one in The Amazing Spider-Man.

If you liked it like I did, check out their Kickstarter and or give them a well-done tweet or smoke signal!

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