So the big superhero movie of the year touches down next week in the UK which sets the stage for Marvels ambitious movie project, the Fantastic Four.

Just to remind us that after we’ve gotten over the initial deconstruction and easter egg hunting of Age of Ultron, you may want to take a break and watch the Josh Trank (Chronicle) directed Fantastic Four film.

In this new trailer which Twentieth Century Fox has released today, we get to see a bit of humour from the Four and also a little bit more personality. We also get a bit of  Miles Teller doing his best Andrew Garfield impression.

We also get to see Doom. The Doctor that is. Toby Kebbell will play the green robe metal man. You may know him from Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and the upcoming Warcraft movie.

You also may know him from the Fantastic Four film coming out August the 7th.

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