Seven years after it’s release as a mobile title Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is set for a Steam release, giving PC users the chance to enjoy the episodic sequel to Final Fantasy IV.

Square Enix have already ported Final Fantasy IV: The After Years across a number of platforms and the pending Steam release means that the title now features on eight different platforms, ranging from the WiiWare, the PSP, iOS and Android devices, and now Windows PCs.

With the title’s creation being back in the days when Square Enix favoured their infamous Active Time Battle system, PC gamers that pick up Final Fantasy IV: The After Years will be taken back to the golden days of the RPG.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is set 17 years after the original Final Fantasy IV title and features many characters from the original title. The game centres again around the Blue Planet, with Final Fantasy IV: The After Years being based around protagonist Ceodore and his efforts to make sense of the mysterious events that are occurring on his home planet, while battling the hordes of monsters that have joined the emergence of another moon in orbit of the Blue Planet.

The PC release will feature ten playable characters (all of whom command their own interlinked chapter), “lunar phases” that cycle naturally through the game and effect combat within the title, Band abilities that combines the strengths of party members, and Steam trading cards and achievements.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years will be released on Steam on May 12, with the game currently available for preorder at a 10% discounted rate here, the full game can be purchased on release for £10.09.

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