Ford has done what every kid dreams of doing: They’ve broken the world record for the largest Hot Wheels loop..

We’ve all either attempted, or dreamed of creating the world’s biggest Hot Wheels loop, but in execution it usually never went right.. we either didn’t have enough pieces of orange track, or we could never build it stable enough and an ant farting was enough to knock it over. Fortunately the engineers at Ford have taken that idea and have used their skills to build the world’s biggest loop which is actually pretty stable.

As part of Take your Child to Work Day, Ford dynamometer technician Matt West, who had previously been building large loops with his son, had taken his son and the idea of building a giant loop to his colleagues at Ford who thought it’d be a fantastic idea to build the biggest loop, ever. And that’s exactly what happened at the company’s Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, MI. They built a track and launched Hot Wheels cars from over three stories high.

Oh, and if you were wondering, they of course used the latest Ford Mustang Hot Wheels toy as part of the stunt which beat the previous record of nine feet, nine inches tall.

“It started as part-fun, part-physics lesson with my son at home,” said West. “We built one in our playroom, and then built a five-foot- tall loop in our backyard. When people at Ford heard what we were up to, everyone thought it would be a great way to get young people excited about science and engineering by trying to break the world record on Take Your Child to Work Day.”

Check out the video above to see the loop in action (Thanks, AutoBlog) and some shots of the 12-foot loop below.

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