Evolution Studios throws some nostalgia with free Motorstorm DLC for DriveClub

Before DriveClub, Evolution Studios worked on another racing game which you might have heard of. This racing game did a fantastic job of showing what the PlayStation 3 could do and is the reason why many had high hopes for DriveClub. That game is Motorstorm, and for those who miss that particular title can relive their offroading fantasies with the new Motorstorm DLC for DriveClub.

If you remember Motorstorm and are considering dusting off your PlayStation 3, there’s no need to as the DLC which is available now, lets you download a Motorstorm Buggy to race around in, absolutely free. Of course, this was as part of their April Fools day gag, but that day is over and now we’re left with an impressive bit of DLC!

What’s more, Paul Rustchynsky has confirmed that a tour event designed specially for Wombat buggy will coming sometime in the future. To see the Wombat Buggy in action, check out the trailer above.

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Chris Bond
Chris Bond

This buggy is the best thing to come out for drivecrap and if a dirt track comes out to race on that is fab but do just want a new motorstorm now please folks at evolution studios for next generation