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Google Play might not be as secure as you’d like

Another day another lawsuit, Google are one of many companies in the industry that are getting pretty familiar with the inside of a court room. Susan Harvey a resident in California is suing Google after she claims hackers used her Google Play account to empty her back account of thousands of dollars between March 2013 and August 2014.

The transactions all took place on her Google Play account with Harvey saying has alleged evidence that hackers exploited sub-par security features to gain access to her account. It looks like the break in security occurred after Susan downloaded a free to play game from the Play Store and later went on to purchase the full game via in in-app purchase.

A massive 650 transactions took place in the 17 month period.

Susan contacted her bank, the games developer and of course Google, she documented that Google agreed the transactions were fraudulent and had agreed to reimburse her with the charges that had been racked up.

So the lawsuit’s purpose isn’t to prove whose at fault, Susan claims that even though she was told the money would be refunded she hasn’t received a penny from Google, instead she claims many of the fraudulent transactions appear to have been erased from her account.

With Susan originally purchasing the game on her Android device you have to wonder how she didn’t notice any suspicious activity especially as you receive an email from the Play Store after making a purchase, 650 transactions, that’s a whole lot of emails she’s ignoring.

A positive that I have taken from this situation is that I have naturally built in security to protect me from the Google Play hackers, and that’s the £1.20 currently residing in my bank account.

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