Nintendo has launched a new video comparing both the new 200cc and the old 150cc and blimey, it’s fast!

During Nintendo’s Direct broadcast earlier this month, the company revealed that via a free update, Mario Kart 8 will be receiving a new blistering 200cc mode, the first time such a speed has been thrown into the cart racing title.

The comparison footage shows off the 150cc and the 200cc mode side-by-side demonstrating how quick the new mode is exactly, and my lord, it’s fast. When they say braking is crucial, they’re not joking. Check out the video above to see Mario take on the Piranha Plant Pipeway track with the moustached fellow taking just 40 seconds to complete a lap.

Nintendo is adding the 200cc mode to Mario Kart 8 via a free update on April 28 along with additional Amiibo support. On the same date, Mario Kart 8’s second DLC pack will also be landing bringing Animal Crossing characters to the game, such as Villager and Isabelle, as well as Dry Bones Bowser and an extra eight maps.

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