Today sees the launch of the complete Broken Age adventure, which follows the release of the first Act in January last year

For many, the staggered launch of Broken Age was a little frustrating as many wanted to continue the story following the first Act. Sadtly Double Fine were using the cash made from the first act to fund the second act and eventually release the complete story in one nicely wrapped package. It’s been a little over a year since the launch of Act 1 and now, it’s finally here. The second act (for PC) and the complete Broken Age adventure is now here, and here’s its launch trailer.

What began as a Kickstarter from Double Fine to launch a brand new gorgeous looking point-and-click adventure back in 2012, Broken Age has quickly become a game many have been craving, and while it’s taken almost three years for the game to launch on PlayStation platforms, PC players have managed to play through the first act and have been eagerly awaiting the release of the second act. In total, the game’s Kickstarter raised a total of  $3.3 million from over 87,000 backers.

As of today, at least in North America you can now finally get your hands on the full Broken Age game both on PC and PlayStation consoles. As for Europe, we’ve got to wait until April 29 for that. But what’s one more day, eh?

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