The Thing rocks out in a new image for The Fantastic Four

Superhero Costumes have changed a lot, but I suppose it would be quite tricky to change the costumes of the Fantastic Four. I mean let’s face it, Batman and Superman wore dated looking costumes for a long time. Spider-man’s however is timeless – no silly pants on the outside or boob windows.

As you know, The Thing is rocky and huge. So clothes are difficult to come by for him. He was classically depicted in a pair of blue boxers and depending on the heat, Y-Fronts. More modern depictions have included dungarees and long trousers.

So Jamie Bell’s (Billy Elliot and Jumper) The Thing was unveiled today. This time we got to see the front. Though sadly no clothing accessories.

Guess we’ll have to see if he goes for Y-fronts or Boxers in August when the movie comes out. Also if the film can live down the negative hype surrounding tone, rumours of issues on set and a desire to see the property at Marvel Studios.

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