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This weekend I decided to check out Netflix’ Original series, knowing that I know sweet F.A. about Daredevil, and let me tell you something, I’m impressed.

I’ll be the first to admit that my comic book knowledge is about as in-depth as a puddle. I don’t follow any Marvel or DC super heroes, I don’t read comics that often, and if I do they’re usually three-panel webcomics. There has however been something inside of me wanting to explore comic books more but something a little different, something more obscure than the roster of characters everyone knows and loves. So in comes Daredevil.

I knew little to nothing about Daredevil other than the brief history Josh wrote about him in 2013. I knew he was blind, I knew that he was called Matt Murdoch, but that’s about it. So as soon as Marvel’s Daredevil series launched on Netflix, I made a promise to myself to at least check it out. So Sunday rolls around, I didn’t plan on getting up for anyone, and with my breakfast of a cup of tea and a slice (read: half of) Battenburg, I slapped on the first episode of Daredevil.

Now, before we continue, I’m five episodes into the series. I haven’t watched them all, but there may be spoilers below so proceed with caution..

The first episode in I was a little apprehensive, granted it starts off a little slow because I’m assuming there’s a fair bit of an origin story to squeeze in, in just a short amount of time. However, when it all does kick in, oh man it kicks in. One of the main reasons I guess I’ve avoided big hitters like The Avengers, Spider-man, Man of Steel, and The Dark Knight is because of naive judgement on my part, because they’re a little family friendly, and are just obvious super heroes.

Daredevil on the other hand, is not. Sort of like Batman, Matt Murdoch doesn’t have any fancy mutant super-powers, he relies on his own skills and witt in order to get by. Daredevil is a little like Batman meets Super Man in that, by day he’s a “weak” looking lawyer who gets by with the help of someone’s arm or a walking stick. By night however, he’s a masked villain who’ll likely kick your ass if you so much as spit on the street. You see, Hell’s Kitchen is Murdoch’s city and he’s not going to let anyone ruin it.


From what we’ve seen so far, the show isn’t for the feint hearted, and I mean that. I remember telling my neighbour that a new Marvel show was coming on Netflix because his son likes Marvel. I wish I hadn’t after watching this. Daredevil is brutal. At least once in every episode there’s an obvious broken bone, whether it’s portrayed by sound and the screams of the victim, or visually by a lovely set of fractured bones poking out of a leg or an arm. There’s blood, plenty of it too and not just from split lips, but people having their heads splattered across the floor, whether it’s being smashed in with a bowling ball or repeatedly being slammed in a car door.

If you were looking for an adult-oriented and dark super hero series, Daredevil is the one to watch. I hardly ever force myself to look away or close my eyes when something overtly gross is going to happen, but a few times in Daredevil I found myself squinting at what was about to happen and because of that it’s safe to say Daredevel is pretty darn good.

Daredevil isn’t just about gratuitous violence either, the shows overarching story is just as gripping as guessing what bone will be broken next. There’s also a sub-plot within the show in the form of the relationship between Murdoch’s associate Foggy Nelson and their ex-client turned secretary, Karen Page. Of course it’s pretty cliche with the whole “will they, wont they” but overall it does provide a nice little break away from the fight scenes, and whatever else is going on in Hell’s Kitchen.

I think what has impressed me the most about Daredevil, is how well it caters to people like myself. Those with no prior knowledge to the comic book character. Never have I felt like I’m missing out on something, never have I felt like I needed to read the comic book to find out if there’s something more to what’s going on. Obviously I can’t comment on how well the comic book translates to the show, but I feel that’d only ruin it if you’re constantly comparing it to that.

I still have a good few episodes to watch, and Sunday’s five-hour binge session is only the start of what’ll likely be another 5 hour session this evening, and if there’s any more left, it’ll continue Tuesday evening until we regret watching the entire first reason so quickly.

If you’ve been a little dubious as to whether to watch Daredevil, I’d recommend it, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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