Oh look, Human Centipede 3, I wonder what that’s going to be about..

The Human Centipede. We’ve all sadly heard of it, most of us (hopefully) are extremely disgusted by it. It’s this disgusting factor which sky-rocketed the interest of  people to see the first one and the sequel. But the milking of the awful centipede cow will not end at two, that’s right, a third film in the franchise is on it’s way.

The trailer for the third and final installment dropped today; May I present to you, in all it’s vile glory, The Human Centipede 3 (The Final Sequence).

(May I suggest you make sure you haven’t eaten within the last few hours and plan not to eat in the next few too, as the warning suggests this is NSFW, extremely NSFW)

With no names to note this film is sure to only take people in for the squeamish factor and sheer disgusting qualities (including that acting, some of these line deliveries are laughable, which may well be their intended angle.) The plot appears to center around a prison, according to the synopsis, the prison is under threat of termination so to save money they inflict the ‘ultimate punishment’ which comes in the form of a ‘a jaw-dropping 500-person prison centipede.’

Are you a fan of the Human Centipede Franchise? Got hopes this will be a better prison movie than Shawshank Redemption? It sure is a contender. The Final Sequence will hit US cinemas on the 22nd of May and VOD. Surprisingly no news on it opening in UK theatres.

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