I Am Bread Hero

I Am Bread has been toasting in Early Access for some time, and now it’s ready for consumption

Bossa Studios are becoming pretty well associated with creating games with quirky, confusing, and frustrating controls. Whether it’s trying to perform a cack-handed heart transplant, or more recently, trying to control a slice of bread with various points of movement. Either way, Bossa know how to make life difficult. In their latest game I Am Bread, players have been trying to toast a slice of bread for some time now in Steam’s Early Access, and next week, it’s getting a full release.

Over the course of the past few months, Bossa Studios has been supporting I Am Bread with a series of updates and improvements, as well as adding additional content in the form of a Zero Gravity mode and a Bagel Racing mode – to name a few. If you’ve been one to avoid Early Access and have been waiting for the game to hit full release, you’re in luck as Bossa Studios has announced that next week on April 9, you’ll be able to get all doughey eyed for I Am Bread.

This full version will complete the slice’s story, and “add all the bells and whistles you expect from a full game.” When the game does launch, I Am Bread will go for £9.99 with a 25 per cent discount during launch week. You can purchase the Early Access version until then for £6.99 if you fancy saving some dough.

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