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Ikea showcase interactive and helpful kitchen prototypes in Milan

The furniture giant IKEA is not shy about getting ahead in the world of technology / furniture hybrids, while other companies speculate what our future homes will look like, IKEA build.

A little while ago we covered the news that IKEA were launching a new range of furniture that would allow you to wirelessly charge your phone around the house (with a compatible device). While the futuristic furniture hit IKEA stores this week the Swedish company were already planning what our kitchens might look like in 2025.


The concept kitchen has been designed for this years Milan design week, named IKEA Temporary the pop up is showcasing prototypes that are the result of various collaborations between IKEA, IDEO, students from Lund University and students from Eindhoven University of Technology.

The focus is on storage, waste, water and cooking but the most notable prototype on display is a table. Yes, a table.

Table For Living features a projector equipped with a camera that can project recipes onto the tables surface. You can weigh your food, get tips on how to prepare ingredients placed on the table it can even look at what ingredients you put down and suggest what meals you can make using them. (much like a 90’s episode of Ready Steady Cook, less walking out awkwardly with a plastic bag).

The table even features induction coils so you can cook your meals in the same space that they’re prepared on.

Space saving, modern and helpful to those that need a little guidance in the kitchen. Much like Veruca Salt “don’t care how, I want it now!”.

As these are prototypes they are of course not for sale, yet. However if IKEA’s launch this week is anything to go by maybe we’ll have the next generations of kitchens before 2025? Please?

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