One Apple vs Samsung debate went one step too far, resulting in a stabbing..

It’s not the biggest deal when people have debates over which is better, Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy S series- it’s something which has gone on for years and will continue as long as they keep innovating and improving. What you don’t expect to hear though is people stabbing each other after claiming one device is better than the other.

In what is a truly unbelievable incident, two roommates from Tusla, Oklahoma in the U.S., argued and resorted to using broken beer bottles to stab each other. One of them even knocked the bottle against the other one’s head. A neighbour spotted one of the men stumbling around the outside car park at around 1 a.m., covered in blood and so she called the police. When the officers arrived, the man explained what had happened.

Both roommates are being treated at hospital but they are expected to make a full recovery. It is understood that the influence of alcohol played a major role in the event.

Although it seems they will be ok after a some treatment, you have to wonder- what if one of them had been killed because of this?  Alcohol or not, they shouldn’t have felt the need resort to such dangerous tactics just to make a point about a smartphone.

Source: KTUL

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No need a step to far