A brief history of Gotham’s only mildly competent police officer, Jim Gordon.

Well, where do we begin? Well, at the beginning I suppose. I’ve not read Batman Eternal, though I’ve been advised that I should do a brief on Gotham’s only mildly competent police officer, Jim Gordon.

So, James Gordon was a marine who came to Gotham from Chicago as a low-level police officer. He was also one of the few police officers who weren’t corrupt. He saw a lot of crime on the streets of Gotham including the death of Gotham’s power couple, Thomas and Martha Wayne. He also met Bruce Wayne. Little did he know what was in store for the two of them.

Gordon languished on the streets as corruption ran rampant and there was little he could do about it. Until Batman showed up. Could he trust this strange vigilante? His colleagues didn’t think so. Gordon, amongst others, was tasked with bringing in Batman – a task easier said than done. Gradually Gordon learnt to trust Batman whilst he also made his way up the ranks of the GCPD as he tackled corruption and organised crime – all with the help of Batman of course.

One thing most people seem to get mixed up about Gordon is his relationship to Batgirl. He’s actually her uncle and she came to live with him after the death of her parents.

Gradually Batman earns Gordon’s trust and Batman even gets his own Bat-Signal at the top of the GCPD headquarters. Gordon also gets to become Commissioner after a while. Of course, the two have always disagreed now and then. Sometimes about Robin and should a minor be out fighting crime and other matters; also about how to fight crime.

Gordon has had a stint at being retired and off the force and so on, and even being demoted. At the end of the day, though, he has always remained a loyal ally and friend to Batman in their fight against crime in Gotham city.

Does the GCPD stay clean? Not all the time, but it’s mostly spotless. Here’s a question to ponder. Is Gordon a competent police officer or incompetent? Or does it matter on the continuity? You decide!

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