The second trailer for TED 2 is here and it’s just as hilarious as the first

We wet ourselves laughing at the first TED 2 trailer a little while back, and now the second one is here and it’s just as funny. Thankfully it’s not the same footage from the first trailer but in a different order. Let’s not even get started on that crap. Anyway, TED is back and this time he’s having a baby.. sort of. Sadly there’s more to the story as TED has to prove that he’s a person meaning he can’t have a baby and by the looks of it, be officially married.

So, what better way that to prove you’re a person than by getting high and suing the government. TED 2 looks to be just as bonkers as the first, I mean, it’s a talking teddy bear for God’s sake.

TED 2 is set to launch in theatres on July 10 and stars Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane. Check out the second trailer above.

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