LG have patented a fascinating new concept for a wearable, flexible smartphone.

If there’s one word on everybody’s lips at the moment it’s smartwatches and while the consumers are still making up their mind if a wearable smartphone is good value for money LG have gone one step further and patented a design for an actual smartphone that you can wear on your wrist.

We’re not talking a powerful smartwatch here, we’re talking a wristband that incorporates a large smartphone within the design.

Taking lessons from the sci-fi shows of old it looks as though the fully rollable smartphone is intended to be the step after smartwatches catch on.

Now, of course, this is just a patent release and it’s highly unlikely that this type of technology will ever see the light of day – there’s just too many logistic and ergonomic issues to overcome, that’s not to say that LG shouldn’t be praised for their innovation however.

LG have done well bring a curved and flexible smartphone to the market in the Flex and it’s good to see companies dreaming big for the future, especially when the tech market becomes some crowded with faceless slabs of glass and plastic.

It does feel that this wrist phone will be filed under ‘over ambitious’, along with Samsung’s foldable smartphone that the South Korean company patented last year, which we are allegedly going to see this year.

Even if this sort of patented technology does not come around within the current generation of devices these patents are an interesting insight to what may be available in the near future and shows how, even when we think technological advancements can’t go any further, there’s always room for fresh ideas and innovation.

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