LG G4 Teaser

LG has been revealing small pieces of the specification sheet for their upcoming flagship smartphone, the G4, for a while now – this week they have unveiled the camera optics that can be expected on the highly anticipated handset.

The South Korean tech giant unveiled to the media world that the G4 smartphone will come rocking a 16MP rear shooter, with a front facing camera boasting an impressive 8MP.

We were teased to the camera by the firm earlier this week, and LG have followed up this earlier sneak peak by revealing the full details of both the front and rear cameras featured on the upcoming flagship.

In the world of modern smartphone optics megapixels is normally only half of the story, with aspects by lighting levels being just as important as the amount of megapixels captured by the snapper.

LG have clearly taken this on board, as the rear camera on the G4 will feature an aperture of f/1.8, which is the widest aperture camera developed by the company – in plain English this will result in an 80% increase of light levels compared to last year’s LG G3.

The LG G4 will also feature some impressive technology on the front-facing camera, with the impressive 8 megapixels being coupled with a state-of-the art IR filter, which will increase the colour accuracy by keeping infrared light out of the lens.

All in all it sounds like LG have spared no expense in the camera department, which could be a ploy to keep up with the technology of rivals Samsung, whose recent flagship (the Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge) also boasts a 16MP rear snapper.

The camera technology unveiled by LG this week will be housed in a device boasting a 5.5inch QHD display, with full specification for the device being revealed at the official event hosted by LG on April 28th.

Thanks, Droid Life

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