LG has shown off almost all aspects of the LG G4 other than the phone itself.

LG are back and this time it’s with another teaser for their LG G4. Sadly the phone is once again MIA, but in this latest video we get a look at the company’s next-generation user interface, LG UX 4.0. This new user interface which will sit on top of Android Lollipop, is set to make life easier, and the phone’s functions usable much quicker.

The video above, shows off some of the new features (with Korean text), with one feature being a new Quick Shot feature that allows users to double tap the volume button on the back to snap a photo, even if the phone is locked. There’s also an Expert Camera mode which uses the phones geolocation tagging, to group together photos taken at a single location.

LG as put usability ahead of everything in this UI with the addition of the Smart Board, which collates information from several places such as the calendar, music player, and health apps, displaying it all in a single easy to navigate widget. Smart Alert, another new feature, shows weather imformation for the day, and provides customised suggestions based on your interests. It’ll likely also suggest whether to take a brolly or not, like with the LG G3.

The LG G4 launch event is scheduled for April 28. Earlier this week LG Display showed off the phone’s screen which is a new QHD 5.5-inch panel that’ll be much improved over the LG G3’s current screen. You can read more about that here.

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