Nintendo are giving Mario Kart 8 something new and it’s pretty darn exciting

It’s happening it’s finally happening, Nintendo are adding a 200cc racing class to Mario Kart 8.

The second pack of free DLC will be available in Europe and North America from April 23. Alongside the 200cc class you will be able to download: four new vehicles, three new characters, and a whopping 8 new tracks for you to burn up.

We’re super excited to have an extra 50cc’s of power and difficulty to experience, Nintendo say that racing at such high speeds, it will be important to master your braking. Or in my case, lack there of, brake-what?

You will be able to play the 200cc class on every course the game offers meaning you can revisit an old favourite and have a totally different experience with it.

Considering it has always been 50cc, 100cc and 150cc this is a pretty ground-breaking change for the series.

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