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A popular Mario Kart 8 exploit has been rendered useless in the game’s new 200cc update

An insanely popular exploit in Mario Kart 8 called “fire hopping” has been made practically useless in the latest update which introduces a new 200cc difficulty mode. Fire hopping is the act of manipulating the drifting in such a way that the boost received after finishing a good drift remains for the rest of the entire game. This game some gamers an edge over others if the move could be pulled off successfully, but the new DLC that has just launched for Mario Kart 8 puts and end to that.

It seems the 200cc mode introduced in the latest update is more of a game changer than people first expected. The new difficulty mode is not only fast, but it also nulls the fire hopping exploit meaning even if you do manage to pull it off, it’ll make little to no difference to your performance on the track. This is also evident in the other race modes too as it’s been completely nerfed and no longer has the effect it once had.

Many who believe that it’s an unfair exploit are happy about the new update, others who believed it to be a legitimate skill aren’t too pleased. Either way, if you used to fire hop in Mario Kart 8, be aware that right now it’s probably just a huge waste of effort.

The new mode has changed up the entire Mario Kart game, to be fair. Where once much larger characters had an impressive top speed, now in the new mode, smaller, lighter characters have the upper hand. Oh and now you finally have to brake in Mario Kart.. What is this world coming to?

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What? This isn’t true, lol. On straight sections of track, fire-hopping still propels your forward momentum and gives you a slight advantage. Yes, it’s more difficult in 200cc (only because it’s faster), but the more skilled players continue to fire-hop when possible. I do it all the time, even in 200cc. Still gives me an edge over some other players. An update has yet to change any gameplay mechanics of Mario Kart 8. It’s been the same since the game’s May 30th release.