We’ve been teased a lot with upcoming comic book movies, but are some of these teasers truly newsworthy?

So you may have noticed that Marvel and DC tend to use a lot of images for press promotion. Posters, first look images that whole occurrence.

Is it always news though? Well to tell you the truth it isn’t. Like the first look at Lex Luthor for example. If you applied the Man Bites Dog Theory of news to it, it really isn’t news.

What is the Man Bites Dog theory you ask? Well, think about it. It’s not really huge and shocking that a dog might bite a man. Though it was the over way round, it kind of is.

Was the image of Jesse Eisenberg with his head shaved that shocking? I mean we already know that Lex Luthor is classically depicted as being bald.

The one with Aquaman was more shocking since the character design was huge departure from the classic interpretation of the character.

So this week guess what some the comic book movies did to remind us that they’re still coming out? Teaser images of course! So let’s take each one and break it down to see if it really is that newsworthy.

  1. The Thing from the Fantastic Four movie coming out this August-Opinion: The Latest Nerdy Movie Teasers, are They Really News-worthy?

The image isn’t that shocking and it just confirms The Thing will be mostly CGI unlike previous films incarnations. The image doesn’t show if he’s wearing pants of trousers. So maybe a bit Dog Bites Man.

  1. The Vision from Avengers Age of Ultron-

We’ve seen a clear image of this guy already and it doesn’t add any new detail to the characters depiction except to show that Marvel are getting really confident in depicting its stranger properties.

  1. Angel from X-men Apocalypse-Angel_FirstLook_lowres

I’ll admit that this one interests me. Since it means another wipe out for X-men The Last Stand, but it gives us another idea about what we might get for the next X-men instalment.

Mechanical wings do imply that Apocalypse may have Angel as one of his Horseman already. So maybe with a bit of speculation Man Bites Dog.

  1. Yellow Jacket from Ant-ManAnt Man Yellowjacket

It now confirms properly that Yellow Jacket will be a bad guy in the upcoming film. Since Yellow Jacket was persona created by Hank Pym in the comics and this one looking so evil. Entertainment Weekly has given us a Man Bites Dog moment.

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