If you’re not a fan of MOBAs but want to play DOTA 2, this third-person mod might actually help

MOBAs are an acquired taste, you either love them and can master them easily, or you can just blunder through mashing button after button hoping that a strike lands on your enemy. I’m a member of the latter group, and I don’t actually mind it, I still enjoy myself.. kind of. But being able to play the game as a third person shooter, now that’s something I’m interested in and thanks to one modder, it’s a reality.. sort of.

A modder by the name of BMD_ has ripped apart DOTA 2 and has turned it into a third-person shooter, though it wasn’t easy it was hopefully aided due to the game engine that DOTA 2 runs on, the Source Engine. The Source Engine was originally created for Counter-Strike: Source and Half-Life 2, both originally first person shooters. So it seems fitting that BMD_ created such a mod. Though a lot has had to change to incorporate this new style of gameplay.

For example, the control system had to be completely reworked as the player cannot issue commands to their character while in third person view, that’s just silly. Instead they remapped the entire control system to loosely work.

“I did completely blow away and recreate my own keyboard/mouse control system instead of using the built in Dota controls. I created my own system of motion that allows me do to things like have characters jump and strafe, and turn at an infinite rate,” the modder told reddit. “In fact, no unit orders are given at all in the game, nor are any hero abilities or items used.”

The mod is available for anyone to download and play themselves, though BMD_ did warn that the camera is a little awkward to get used to.

“The camera controls are extremely hacked-in (but functional), and you can probably see in the video that each player has to select a flying enigma unit at the start which I detect and then use as the object to point the camera at,” BMD_ said. “There is no facility currently available for me to manually reposition the camera except by locking the camera to the created “camera” unit, which results in some unfortunate limitations.”

So, will you be checking out the third person DOTA 2? Though looking at the video above, it looks a lot like SMITE..

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