It’s time for comics, politics and real life to combine. Just like a Transformer, a Megazord and Dragon Ball Z characters.

I had to drop those references to balance it out for the explanation I’m going to need to do for any non-UK readers. Basically in the UK we have an election coming up. We’re calling this a tough election because most don’t know what’s going to happen. Up until 2010 they were only three parties that most people considered electable: the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats. Then it happened. The hung parliament. No one could get a majority number of votes to run the country.

So the Conservatives and the Lib Dems teamed up to form a coalition. An unlikely team up. Like Star Trek Voyager with Maquis and Starfleet officers.

It’s thought it may happen again. Now smaller parties are in the mix and coalitions are no longer a redundancy but a possibility. And that annoys me. It’s like saying you’re moving in with your mate Stevie and you’re going to buy a whacking big TV. On the moving day, you arrive and find you’re also living with Stevie’s mate Hannah and she wants to use the money to buy a fish tank. You have no chance but to deal with this living arrangement since Stevie hasn’t got enough for the rent on his on and your flat mate Gordon has got a new flat mate.

So comics combine. It’s time to develop the technology to build parallel universes. So everyone who wants to live under a Labour government can, and anyone who wants to live under a Lib Dems government can too. We can clone essential people for a society like police officers and civil servants and we’re away. Then every 5 years you can choose to stay in that universe or go to another – the world can choose which reality it wants to deal with as well.

You could have a limited number of universes, and parties will ask you to vote them into a universe or keep their universe to start with. Then we won’t have another coalition and defy the point of democracy. I mean come on UK. You can decisively vote on a singing completion but not something serious?

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