Shovel Knight is, at least in my opinion, a game made of pure gold. Yacht Club Games have produced a retro platformer so good it gives me nostalgic tingles when I think about it – and it was only released a year ago!

So how could they improve on the game for the PS4 release? How about our good friend, the God of War, Kratos? When Shovel Knight was announced for PS4 we were teased with Kratos being a boss in the game, but now there’s some gifs and a bit of music for us to enjoy.

Firstly let’s check out those gifs. They show off Kratos’ battle technique

Shovel Knight - Kratos

Shovel Knight - Kratos

Shovel Knight - Kratos

There’s also a couple unique animations for Shovel Knight that I think are new – I don’t quite recall seeing Shovel Knight’s sprites in the second gif – where he’s being thrown into the air and then hits the wall. Regardless, this looks like a brutal boss fight. Let’s hope our bravest Knight can win!

We’ve also got a brief taster of a Shovel Knight take on the God Of War theme that is likely to be included during the battle against Kratos. It’s pretty intense and really compliments the style of the game and matches up with the intensity of other boss’ themes.

All this information was scoured from the Shovel Knight Playstation Blog post on April 10th. The post itself ends on an interesting note – “But there’s more than just a battle! Maybe Shovel Knight learns a trick or two from Kratos… but we’ve shared enough for now. You’ll just have to play the game to find out what!”

Will we see Shovel Knight wielding Kratos’ signature double-chained blades? Let’s hope!

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