Not a galactic politician in sight, just to make it clear to everyone. Also, no Jar Jar Binks. So Star Wars: The Force Awakens is off to a good start.

With The Star Wars Celebration festival kicking off across the pond, the master of marketing and enigma codes, JJ Abrams, reveals a second trailer from the upcoming Star Wars: Force Awakens.

Follow Luke as he voices over the new footage which gives us a little more information as we may see Princess Leia or maybe one of her children wielding her father’s lightsaber. A grey-haired Han Solo alongside Chewie and the Empire sort of still going, complete with sleek new Stormtrooper armour.

There are a few mysterious hooded characters, one most definitely Luke Skywalker and another likely to be the main protagonist, which let me by the first to say, I’m calling that the new Sith or capped Storm Trooper is Lando. You heard it here first.

Prove me right at Christmas, baby.

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