The Shepherd’s Crown will be the final Discworld novel

In news that is both happy and sad, Games Radar has reported that the final novel in the late Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series will be released in September this year.  The Shepherd’s Crown will feature a now-teenaged Tiffany Aching, Witch of the Chalk, and will follow on from the events of the previous four in the story arc.  A special collector’s edition is also going to be released alongside the usual distributions.  Before his passing, Sir Terry made his daughter, Rhianna, his chosen custodian of the Discworld, however she has stated she is unlikely to continue the series.

Another of Pratchett’s novels, The Long Utopia, is planned for release in June, and will finish up The Long Earth series.  I am still very saddened by the loss of Sir Terry; I’ve read all his work and the Discworld series has been an integral part of my love of reading throughout my adult life.  It will be a sad day when I finish that final book.

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