Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if all the characters in GTA V were drunk? Well this ragdoll mod shows you just that, and it’s hilarious

GTA has always offered the most hilarious mods, especially on PC and with the release of Grand Theft Auto V launching on PC a few weeks back many mods are coming out of the woodwork both offering great things like unlimited ammo and better draw distances, as well as bad things like God mode. But one mod has us completely cracking up, and that’s the Ragdoll Mod which allows the player to control exactly when their character turns into a floppy old ragdoll.

This GTA V Ragdoll Mod is Hilarious - n3rdabl3

The Mod is the creation of GTA V mod member sakratt and allows any character currently in control by the player to go into ragdoll mode, as you can imagine it’s hilariously funny, especially about 0:44 seconds when Franklin topples at the thought of bro fisting Lamar. Wait.. what?

Check out the video above. I wish this mod was in the console version of the game, I’d have a cracking time.