Rememeber Bop-it? That toy your friends used to bring into school on the last day of term that everyone wanted to play? I certainly remember it, and I also remember how impossibly difficult it was to remember what the other requests were other than “Bop-it”. If you too remember Bop-it then you’ll have no trouble figuring out how to play Ticklefluff a new “infinite teaser” app from HyperLiger, a studio that features Peter Worth, the co-creator of “My Talking Pet”. And though Ticklefluff is fun, it’s quite.. questionable at times.

Almost immediately I was a little thrown-off by the games description.. an “infinite teaser” app, what the hell could that be? Well the crux of it is that the Ticklefluff will ask you to do things to it, such as Poke, Stroke, Tickle, Squeeze, Shake, High-five, and.. Blow.. Already this just sounds wrong, right? Well from my twenty-six-year-old adult brain, (read: fourteen-year-old) I can’t see anything but crude jokes coming from this app. What you’ve got to remember though is that it’s initially aimed at kids, something to keep the young ones occupied.

At the same time however it provides insane amounts of entertainment to adults too as the various requests your young-one is given can cause some stifled laughter at times, especially when they go wrong and you’re met with a message that reads “Tickleluff wanted a poke, not triple fingers!” Though some of the requests can be questionable at times, I can see how Ticklefluff can keep your kids entertained for hours, if you can however put up with the continuous beat that speeds up as your child gets more and more requests correct.

The game isn’t just for a single youngster either, there’s a multiplayer mode involved too which is a lot like the Bop-it of our age as Ticklefluff will occasionally ask to be passed to a new player who then continues the game going getting more requests correctly. I can imagine it being insanely entertaining during a party among youngsters and adults alike, but I just can’t seem to see past the game’s innuendo-like requests..


Anyway, for those who love to see how stupid they look while trying to pinch, poke, squeeze, and stroke their Ticklefluff (seriously now..) the game offers a reaction cam so you can share on Twitter and Facebook your gormless face as you question whether you really ready to give your Ticklefluff triple fingers..

Trying to look at this from a youngster’s mind, I can see it quickly becoming one of those games parents will hear being played over and over, there’s bright colours, there’s an adorable character on screen, and there’s thumpy music. What more could a kid’s app ask for? As a party game, I can also see this being a good addition to anyone’s tablet, but as a core game by itself.. well you tell me, would you be keen to stroke your Ticklefluff on your own when you get home from work?

Of course not, you’ll want to play with a friend, of course!

Ticklefluff is completely free on iOS right now. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.. surely I’m not the only one who things the game’s just one big innuendo waiting to be discovered?

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