Did Tony Hawk’s Caterer Just Unveil Tony Hawk 5?

It seems Tony Hawk 5 is the next Pro Skater game from Tony Hawk thanks to an image uploaded by an event caterer

Tony Hawk is preparing a closed press event at some point today and has brought a caterer along to provide food for the attendees. How do we know this? Well the caterer decided to share an image on Instagram of the setup which sees several tables being set inside presumably one of Tony Hawk’s own halfpipes. Seems harmless right? Well in the background there’s a presentation board currently displaying the logo for the next Tony Hawk game..

Chef Joe Youkhan posted photos today to Instagram and Facebook from the event, and on the board behind him is the words “Tony Hawk 5”. Now, we know a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater is coming this year, Hawk himself revealed as much, but there are very little details on that right now. If this is a true title it would show that Activision and Hawk are picking up from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 which released in 2002 and would make the first Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game for thirteen years.

Activision has since released a statement to Polygon saying: “Tony Hawk 5″ is a working title, and not the final title.”

That’s good enough for me.

The images have since been removed.

Did Tony Hawk’s Caterer Just Unveil Tony Hawk 5? - n3rdabl3