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Rumour has it that Five Nights at Freddy’s is getting movie adaptation after big screen deal with Warner Bros., but I think that there’re plenty of games out there that would make far better movies…

I found it pretty groan worthy news that Five Nights at Freddy’s is potentially getting a movie adaptation. Whilst I really enjoy the series of games on the whole, and love the mystery of the story that surrounds it, I just don’t think that it’s one that’s going to translate well onto film. I’m happy for Scott Cawthorn, creator of the series, of course, but I do believe there are better options to be explored out there. A short film by an indie studio maybe would work for FNAF, but definitely not something big budget with Warner Bros. So I had a think about games out there that I feel do deserve their chance to shine on the big screen, and here are my top four.

4. The Legend of Zelda


Fans of the Nintendo series have been crying out for a movie, TV series or something live action for The Legend of Zelda for years! The lore is so incredibly rich and with fans who are so devoted to the series you’ve got an instant fanbase for a potential movie.

There are so many stories within the series that can be made use of. When I sat down to have a good think about what could be used I honestly felt at a bit of a loss, which is why this is low on my list. There have been some truly incredible story telling over the course of the past 20+ years that if you started one Zelda movie, you’d surely want to touch on other features to the lore and story, right?

The obvious place to start for a movie, I believe, would be Skyward Sword. This helps to take us back to stage one, by establishing the friendship between Link and Zelda from their years growing up together. It also establishes Link’s uniform, the famous green tunic and also introduces the gradual lead up to Link’s Goddess Sword eventually becoming the iconic Master Sword, not to mention a run down on how the Triforce works and its importance.

One thing about a Legend of Zelda movie that would be so important to keep true to is that this is a family game and therefore needs to be a family movie. You can’t start making Zelda gritty, leave that to amazing fan films that you can find on the web, but a Nintendo endorsed movie needs to be suitable for all ages to enjoy. This could be a pitfall, but it could also be a great benefit, especially if you go down the animated movie route. Can you imagine how stunning the world of Hyrule could look in carefully done Japanese crafted CGI? It’ll look incredible.

Hop to it Nintendo, give us a Zelda movie already!

3. Jak II

JakIIOkay, so hear me out on this one. The Jak & Daxter series, without a doubt, are some of the best games that came out on PlayStation 2. This was the game series that truly got me hooked on a grittier story and expecting more out of my gaming experience like what I’d had so far.

I say Jak II specifically because the game is a complete dystopian science fiction dreamland. It has laser gunfights, badass hover car races, mechsuits, hoverboards, a really fat guy in a floating chair, a dictatorship by a bloodthirsty Baron who’s in desperate need of overthrowing, you’ve got time travel and a race of awesome monsters oppressing those living within Haven City. If done right, this could be one of the best damn sci fi movies ever made.

After the success of Guardians of the Galaxy and its unapologetic nature towards its characters, especially Rocket Raccoon, I figure that it’s time to introduce the world to Daxter the Ottsel.

The joys of this game out of the others in the series as well as a dark and engaging plot of rebellion (which in the age of movies like The Hunger Games and Divergent, ought to do really well) it also has a huge amount of humour. The balance is just right in comedic elements and grit you’d want out of a movie, without going too overboard.

Jak & Daxter, the first game, I don’t believe would work as a movie. The game was fun, lighthearted and still had a gripping story line that kept you going. But compared to the sequels, it’s too light. Jak II can easily establish events of the past in a twenty minute scene before jumping right into the plot of Jak II, where the real fun begins and of course, Jak actually finds his voice, having been canonically mute in the first game and not just a ‘silent protagonist’.

Jak 3 I doubt would work, because it falls so heavily into the Mad Max route because of the armoured car racing, and  I’m not too sure how it would be received. Though so long as Jak’s return to Haven City, as it is a large part of the game too, is focused on and his struggle between his family and his newfound friends in the wastelands, it could be an interesting one to explore as well.

…We don’t talk about Jak X and the other thing that got made. Nope.

2. Tomb Raider

Tomb RaiderI know we’ve tried it already in 2001 with Angelina Jolie and two strictly average action movies… But why not try again? The Tomb Raider reboot in 2013 has been one of the best moves in the franchises history and really with such an iconic character in Lara Croft, it should be something that should work on the big screen.

But first thing’s first before I talk about anything else. Hire an English actress, goddamn, it’s not that hard Hollywood. I love me some Jolie but her accent was abominable, there’re plenty of actresses out there with actual English accents that will do an incredible job portraying the character. My gut goes to Emily Blunt for an older, more experienced Croft, but if we follow along the lines of the reboot we need someone so much younger. I’ve seen Laura Haddock of The Inbetweeners thrown around before as an option, but like Blunt, they’re both older in their late twenties/early thirties. I reckon it’d be a good chance to unleash some fresh talent on the character, surrounded by a cast of all stars to back her up, like what The Hunger Games did for Jennifer Lawrence.

After what was frankly a disaster of the last Indiana Jones film, I feel like we deserve to see another archaeologist on screen who, I dunno, maybe actually does some archaeology and looks like they know what they’re doing? Simple things.

The story of the Tomb Raider reboot could absolutely flit over to the big screen nice and easy, and it’s one of those tales that can be adapted from the source to make it suit a cinema audience. Like with book adaptations, it’s that massive challenge of stripping out what is essentially 10 hours+ of gameplay and condensing it into 90-120 minutes (movies longer than that can frankly kiss my bum because they’re hardly good for the entire run time).  The spirit of a young Lara Croft, bright and able, being broken by this harsh world she’s been marooned in to show how that hardened explorer was born.

A movie reboot of Tomb Raider could really benefit anyone involved if it’s done right. You can have such a mix of genres in there as well, with the running of an action-adventure plot with stunts that could rival a Fast & Furious movie (maybe not), the mystery and intrigue around lost cultures (classic Indiana Jones) and the survival and desperation of just needing to stay alive in the hopes of getting back home (The Canyon, 127 Hours). There has, and always will be so much potential for more Tomb Raider on our screens, but as with all adaptations, it must be done properly.

1. BioShock Infinite

bioshock_infinite_b_29736The BioShock franchise is incredible, if you haven’t played the games yet I highly recommend that you go get your hands on the trilogy and get stuck in. The world and lore that surrounds the BioShock universe is simply staggering and so incredibly immersive too.

I had to war it out a bit on which of the games from the series would be the better option on screen, my first thought was of course the first game. Just imagine the stunning sets that would come from a war torn Rapture, with leaky pipes and rusting metal, with what would likely be a CGI ocean out through the windows, but that doesn’t matter. But the problem with BioShock, and BioShock 2 for that matter, is that we only have a single protagonist in Jack and the Big Daddy in 2. You don’t encounter many others so directly, you have Atlas and others over the radio and come face to face with a few, but it’s standard gaming encounters where you speak to them a few times then move on.

I then looked to BioShock Infinite, where this problem is almost immediately fixed with Booker and Elizabeth’s partnership throughout the game. You have two protagonists who bounce off each other beautifully and reoccuring characters that they both interact with far more directly in the Luteces, who can no doubt be squeezed into every damn shot if you wanted them to be for Easter Egg funsies.

It’s also a great jump in point for people who haven’t necessarily played the first two games either, working as a stand alone game that throws back to its predecessors and that’s why it works for a movie too. You can just start from scratch, allude to Rapture and Jack for the fans, even give us the scene where Booker and Liz wind up briefly in Rapture (Songbird noooo) so we can get that dream look at a real life Rapture on the big screen.

After a bit more thinking on Infinite, I decided it was definitely the one that would translate better to screen. There’s a reason that BioShock Infinite is heralded as having such a good story, because it is one. There are so many opportunities to play with the whole concept of jumping universes and timelines, not to mention the incredible stunts that can be messed with when it comes to the Sky Hook. Just imagine the stunning panoramas you could get out of the moving skyline of Columbia.

With a game with such polish, you’d need to make sure that it gets that same glossy treatment on the big screen and it would be damn integral that the story remains for the majority of it intact just so that the mind melting ending can really hit home. BioShock Infinite definitely needs a movie.

Also, Jeff Bridges as Comstock. You can’t unsee it.

Obviously my choice in what I want to see on the big screen will differ from yours, so let us know in the comments what videogames you would like to see adapted to become a feature length movie!

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