Want to See a World Map of Bloodborne? It’s Smaller Than You Think…

Bloodborne feels like a huge sprawling city with forests and slum-like areas on the outskirts. Take a birdseye view though, and it’s a different story.

I’m not saying Bloodborne is a small game; it feels huge. I spent a good 30 hours exploring and enjoying my time on my first playthrough, indulging in both the main game and the chalice dungeons. Looking at the world map top down adds a whole new perspective though.

Genius redditor Hypnotyks created six different maps in varying styles and they look fantastic. My personal favourite is the one with a parchment effect – click it for a far bigger image. It reminds me of the maps that came with pre-orders of Skyrim.

Want to See a World Map of Bloodborne? It’s Smaller Than You Think… - n3rdabl3


There’s also a more printer-friendly version and one that removes all the lamp locations so you’ve still got that element of exploration as you play. Frankly, these maps are better than what you’d expect a developer to create (so that’s a high standard!) and I absolutely adore them.

You can check out all of the Bloodborne maps here, maybe drop the creator an upvote for their work. These maps are great and pretty much spoiler-free, so if you feel like you need a tiny bit of guidance while playing Bloodborne, they’re the safest bet. I played through the game with a rough roadmap so I didn’t miss any optional bosses and I bet I’m not alone in that.