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Ubisoft’s open-world hacker action title Watch Dogs could be getting a sequel according to new leaks..

Often when you have a surprise for people, you can’t wait to tell them all about it. This is probably the same for every developer who works on a new title before it’s announced and while everyone usually keeps quiet until the big reveal, some employees can’t wait to share what they’ve been working on. This is exactly what has happened with one Ubisoft developer who couldn’t quite wait to tell the business world that he’d been working on the new Watch Dogs sequel – the only problem is, a sequel hasn’t been announced yet.

According to the LinkedIn profile of Ubisoft Senior Programmer Julien Risse, who works in Ubisoft’s Paris-based studio, listed that he’d done work on Watch Dogs, its Bad Blood DLC, and Watch Dogs 2. Unfortunately that’s all the information we have as he offered no details as to when it’ll be announced, though with E3 just a month or so away, all eyes are pointing to Ubisoft’s media briefing during the event. Since the reports first surfaced, Risse has removed the listing from his page.


This isn’t the first time we heard about a sequel to Watch Dogs, as last year Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot suggested the sequel could be in development. Even as early as January, creative director Jonathan Morin admitted that there was a lot more work to do in Watch Dogs, further hinting that s sequel was in the works.

Ubisoft has since refused to comment.

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