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Ex-Xbox boss Don Mattrick has stepped down of CEO of Zynga to be immediately replaced by old CEO Mark Pincus

Zynga isn’t exactly doing well for itself recently. You may remember Zynga from the golden and short-lived age of Facebook gaming, they were pretty well known and had a ton of games that everyone seemed to play at some point. Then the mobile gaming industry boomed and Zynga tried to take a piece of the pie, but that didn’t go well at all as the company overpaid for underperforming acquisitions, and had its stocks plummet since its IPO.

Yesterday evening the company announced that Don Mattrick, who left Microsoft for the company in 2013, will be stepping down from CEO with immediate effect, with the company’s co-founder and original CEO, Mark Pincus stepping back in.

“Don joined us at a very important time in our evolution. In less than two years under his guidance, our teams have worked hard to better serve our mobile players and deliver world class quality and value to our consumers.” Pincus said in a letter to employees. “Now that we are a mobile first company, it’s time to renew our focus on our vision to make play and social games a mass market activity.”

It seems Don Mattrick has the anti-Midas Touch when it comes to the success of things he’s involved in. The Xbox One looked to be a bit of a train wreck with plans of DRM features and always-online connections, until Mattrick stepped down and Phil Spencer came in, the Xbox One is quickly getting better and better. The same could be said for Zynga too as analysts have been calling for the company to get rid of Mattrick as they believe he’s repeated the company’s early mistakes putting the company where it is today.

Mattrick hasn’t revealed where he’ll be going from here. Here’s hoping its not with one of your favourite companies..

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