Activision kicked off another Tracklist Tuesday yesterday introducing more metal into the game

The first confirmed tracks for Guitar Hero Live were a little lacklustre at best. In fact half of the tracks initially announced had already appeared in Guitar Hero games of the past, so I had little hope for the game to redeem it self when the next batch of tracks were unveiled. Fortunately, Activision pulled it out of the bag and announced a handful of tracks which I find quite appealing. It’s like they listened to my rants!

So, Tracklist Tuesday as Activision are calling them are a day where we can expect more tracks to be announced for the upcoming Guitar Hero revival. The first set of tracks are a little poppy and a little classic rock to likely appeal to a more mass audience. The latest tracks are a little more up my street with face-melting metal.

So here’s what’s in store:

  • Royal Blood – “Little Monster”
  • Marilyn Manson – “Disposable Teens”
  • Killswitch Engage – “In Due Time”
  • Marmozets – “Move Shake Hide”
  • Of Mice & Men – “Bones Exposed”
  • Deftones – “Diamond Eyes”
  • Vista Chino – “Sweet Remain”
  • Bring Me The Horizon – “Shadow Moses”
  • Mastodon – “High Road”
  • Trivium – “Strife”

It’s a little better than the same old Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down songs, so I’ll give Activision credit for that. Here’s hoping next week’s tracks are just as good, though it looks like they might be going down a more themed route as the weeks continue. Perhaps we’ll see some 80s hair metal next week?

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