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Adblock has made it 100 times easier to block ads on mobile with the Adblock Browser

Despite Adblock being available for Android for some time, getting it to actually work was a task in itself, requiring the user to install two separate apps and setting them up correctly, even then the app only tends to work on certain types of connections, and the app itself requires sideloading onto your device then hooking it up through a proxy. Simply put, it’s not easy. But there’s now a solution that’s much clearer.

Adblock Browser is a new app for Android based on Firefox for Android with Adblock features packed in. Unfortunately it only blocks ads while browsing the web, so you’re still going to have to put up with ads in those free apps you download, but it’s a start. Right now Adblock Browser is in beta which you can take part in by joining the Adblock Browser Beta Google+ community. All you’ve got to do is click “Join” head to “About this Community” then click “Beta Opt-In.”

Adblock Browser is based on Firefox 37 for Android, with the team planning to keep the app updated as Mozilla releases new versions themselves. It’ll also ship with a basic filter list using EasyList and Acceptable Ads, though customisation of EasyList is currently disabled, but Acceptable Ads can be disabled.

“As people have embraced the mobile web, advertisers have rushed in after them and destroyed the user experience with ads that are often thoughtlessly designed, as well as mobile ad networks that are riddled with security holes,” Adblock Plus co-founder Till Faida said in a statement. “Adblock Browser for Android puts the control back into users’ hands.”

Adblock expects Adblock Browser to come out of Beta in July and August.

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