Android M is set to be the next version of Android, but what could the ‘M’ stand for? We take a couple of guesses

Ever since Android 1.6 Google has been naming their Android builds after delicious sweet treats. It began with ‘C’ with the delicious Cupcake, going through the alphabet up until last year when Android Lollipop was unveiled. Now however with word that at Google I/O this year Google will be discussing Android M, we’ve taken a few guesses here at n3 to decide what Google might be thinking of next.

Though Android Lollipop is currently only installed on 10 per cent of Android devices, and we even thing it may be a little too soon, various mentions of ‘Android M’ on Google’s I/O website suggest Android M is on the way, possibly with a focus on businesses and enterprise. Either way, we’ll be treated with a two and a half hour keynote on May 28, so stay tuned for that.

So, what are our thoughts on what Android M might be?

Android Marshmallow

Probability: Very High

marshmallowIt’s pink, it’s white, it’s fluffy, and delicious, and here in the UK we have a particular brand of marshmallow twirl called Flump. What’s not to love? With this name it could offer a more “lightweight” version of Android with a focus on their Android One handsets that are being marketed towards developing countries.

Android Meringue

Probability: High

CC-alton-brown_lemon-meringue-pie-recipe_s4x3Following the rumours of last year’s Android release, Lemon Meringue Pie, it would seem like an obvious decision to call Android M, Meringue. The only problem we’ll all likely have is trying to spell the bugger.

Android Macaroon

Probability: Very High


Macaroon’s are pretty much little delicious Meringue cookies that can be eaten one after another without a second thought, at least that’s what I do. Hmm, I think I have a problem. Either way, Android Macaroon sounds pretty fancy and seems like a likely option for Google to use this as the moniker for their next version.

Android M&Ms

Probability: Low


Google haven’t been shy about brand deals when it comes to their versions of Android, Android K was in partnership with Nestle and was called Android Kit Kat. Could Android M follow suit and be named after the deliciously more-ish chocolate pebbles?

Android Mint

Probability: Low


Mints, the go-to sweet treat when you either have bad breath. I’m pretty sure Google won’t go down this route however, mints are boring, mints are the things you find down the back of your grandma’s armchair. Unless Google is offering a pretty bland update with Android M, it’s unlikely they’ll go with Android Mint, though it does have a certain ring to it.

So there you have it, they’re just a few ideas we have that Google could possibly name their next version of Android. We’ve also considered Android Marzipan, Android Mud Pie, and Android Mooncake, but they’re a little too outlandish, right?

Our question to you is what do you think Google will name their next version of Android?




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