Ant-Man really is a tricky character to adapt, mostly because of the controversial history of the character and the less than heroic juxtaposition besides the Avengers

You see, the first problem from the comics is the first name of Pym. It can be very confusing to write or read about Hank or Henry Pym, because Henry is his real name, but his nickname is Hank. It’s almost as confusing as Bruce Banner being known as David Banner in the Incredible Hulk TV series.

The next issue? Pym hit his wife, Janet Van Dyne. No mind control, clones or retcon. He struck her. Of course it’s been quietly forgotten and buried in the past, but you can see the issue with trying to produce a film with him as the central character. So, how have the comics avoided that? Easy. Don’t make Pym the main character. Make the successor, Scott Lang, the hero.  With a lot of movie Pym’s relationship with Janet still a mystery and with Evangeline Lily playing Hope Van Dyne, it’s all up in the air.

What’s another issue with Ant-Man? No real signature villain. You remember that old 90s Iron Man cartoon? If you do, you should remember the Mandarin’s henchman, the Whirlwind. He was originally introduced as an Ant-Man villain.  So, how do you solve that? Well, from the looks of Corey Stoll’s Darren Cross, a re-imagined comic book villain who took the guise of Yellow Jacket.  Yellow Jacket is one of the many superhero guises Pym had created over the years, also including Goliath, Giant-Man, and Ant-Man. Some would have said the Yellowjacket was an improved alias for the Pym since it embraced the Pym Particles ability to shrink and grow at the same time.

Did you also know that Hawkeye was briefly Goliath as well? Well, now you do. Lucky you.

Here’s some stills from the upcoming Ant-Man movie, courtesy of  Ant-Man screens in cinemas on July 17.

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