If you’ve wanted to have a shot at a the hardcore military sim ARMA 3, now’s your chance

Bohemia Interactive’s ARMA 3 is now free for the weekend on Steam, which means you can have a crack at arguably one of the most hardcore military sims available. There’s a load of singleplayer and multiplayer content, and the game looks absolutely gorgeous, if you’re capable of running it of course. There’s no harm in trying it, and with Steam Workshop integration, there’s almost endless fun in downloading a Black Hawk Down mod and recreating the entire movie line by line, shot by shot.

In addition to ARMA 3 being free for the weekend, it is also 50% off, so you can permanently own the beautifully textured landscapes and realistic bullet physics that you obviously enjoyed so much. A lot of other Bohemia titles are also on sale, such as; DayZ Standalone, Take on Mars, and ARMA II: Combined Ops, also known as “the game everyone bought purely to play DayZ”.

But jokes aside, ARMA 3 is a decent game that’s most definitely worth your time, just for this weekend. You can check out the entire Bohemia sale right here.

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