After launching just last month, Jagex has already thrown a hearty helping of content out there for Block N Load players

Today Jagex unveiled Astarella, a brand new cosmic character for the game who comes with a mean arsenal and a bad ass buff that’ll have any Blockhead crying for their mommy. In addition to Astarella, players will finally be able to dive into a new Ranked mode and a time-restriction-free demo of the game for players to try before they buy.

So, the most intriguing aspect of today’s update is Astarella, a brand new hero that comes equipped with some pretty spectacular sci-fi weaponry as well as the ability to buff her teams movement speed and jump distance. What’s more, she has a new ability that’ll change the way players play the game entirely. Check out the video above for a closer look at this new out of this world character.

For players who want to show their worth a new Ranked Mode is available to everyone who’s at level 20 or above. The pre-season has begun today, so battle your way to the top to reach the platinum tier. For those who don’t have the game though, a new restriction free demo will allow players to play the game in friendly and custom matches using Tony, Cogwheel, or Nigel to get a real feel for the game. And trust me, you’ll want to purchase it after playing.

Block N Load is available to purchase right now on Steam. If you’re short on cash however, we’re giving away a Block N Load goody bag with the chance to win one of six copies of Block N Load’s Fully Loaded edition of the game! Find out how, here.

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