Block N Load has received another new hero this week as well as the addition of a new apocalyptic game mode..

This weekend is another big one for Block N Load players as Jagex has revealed another brand new hero into the game as well as another game mode to keep players on their toes. Sweet Science is his name, and Ablockalypse is his game.

A brand new special game mode has been thrown into the mix this weekend called Ablockalypse, and as you can guess by the name; it’s going to be pretty epic. Available right now for the duration of the weekend in both the main game AND the demo, players can dive into a fast and furious game mode where “life is cheap and the frantic battles are shorter.” Expect faster building, more power, less life, and massive arena destruction. This game mode will be exclusive to the game until Monday June 1.

In addition to the new game mode this weekend, Block N Load welcomes a new Hero, Sweet Science, a melee focussed character who can dish out blows with his fists. His special abilities are dash attacks, and comes with gravity traps and the ability to disable enemy devices. Check out more of Sweet Science in the trailer above.


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