Koji “IGA” Igarashi’s Kickstarter for Bloodstained launched yesterday and already it’s secured over twice the amount of cash needed for the game

Igarashi, the creator of exploratory adventure game, Symphony of the Night and Dawn of Sorrow, to name a few, recently revealed another Castlevania style game on Kickstarter titled Bloodstained. The game is set to capture the classic feel of Igarashi’s previous titles as well as offering a little bit of a modern twist, and seeing how Konami have no real interest in releasing another title such as this, players were pretty keen to let Igarashi know they wanted another game. That’s probably why the Kickstarter for Bloodstained reached twice its funding goal in 24 hours.

Igavanias or Metrodvanias, you’ve probably heard that term being thrown about before, right? Well that term comes from Igarashi’s style after he converted the classic Castlevania into a more exploratory adventure title as mentioned above. The game’s art style and play style became pretty iconic coining the phrases mentioned earlier. It’s a genre of game that’s become popular among many, along with roguelike, with players having the freedom to explore the game rather then following a linear story path.

Along with the announcement of the game and the Kickstarter launch, the game also received some concept art which unmistakeably looks a lot like one of Igarashi’s classic titles. The game will feature a main protagonist named Miriam who is “an orphan scarred by an alchemist curse which slowly crystallizes your skin”. Miriam will have to fight through a caste filled with demons and monsters. The game will also be built on Unreal Engine 4 and is said to be a 2.5D game.

The reason for the step away from the classic pixel art fans of Metroidvanias love is because of “both financial and artistic reasons” with the overall 2D gameplay being “non-negotiable.” The Kickstarter page says:

IGA is very excited about exploring the paths a 2.5D style opens up within the classic Igavania formula. As he begins a new chapter of his career as a developer, he’s looking forward to trying things that will enhance, rather than detract from, that core gameplay.

Currently the game has some pretty impressive talent on board, along with Igarashi himself, there’ll also be sound producer Michiru Yamane, composer Ippo Yamada, voice talent David Hayter as well as more to be announced.

Originally the Kickstarter was looking for $500,000 to fund the game to come to Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. That however is long gone as the Kickstarter just teeters over the edge of $1,200,000 which according to the stretch goals will now offer things such as cheat codes and local multiplayer.

Find out more by heading to the Kickstarter page.

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