Bloxels Puts Video Game Design in your Hands..

Have you ever wanted to create your own levels for games but often find level creation in-game a little too fiddly? Well Pixel Press might have the answer with Bloxels

Bloxels is a brand new Kickstarter from Pixel Press that puts you, the player, in control of the game and level design. Primarily a mobile game experience at its core, Bloxels blends both custom level design and mobile gameplay, with a physical toy to play with. You see, Bloxels isn’t just any old game with a level creator, Bloxels is a platform to open up a world of possibilities for not just one video game, but for millions in the future.

So what the hell is Bloxels? In short, it’s a new type of software that uses a set of physical pieces so players can design their own level. Each kit comes with a game board and a handful of colourful blocks for players to place in any order they see fit. Each block has its own colour which represents an asset in the game you’re going to put the level into. Whether it’s walls, coins, keys, enemies, and more, players can not only design the level to complete, the level they’ve created can go one step further than just one game.

Now, let’s not get too confused about Bloxels, as I know I have. The Kickstarter which launched today and hopes to secure $40,000 to finish off development, offers three things. The first thing is the physical aspect of Bloxels, the game board and the coloured blocks used to build each level. The second thing on offer is the Bloxels platform, this is the software which allows the player to capture their creation that then turns it into something that a game can recognise. The third thing on offer is the first ever game to make the most of Bloxels: B.R.A.V.E. Squad.

Bloxels Puts Video Game Design in your Hands.. - n3rdabl3

B.R.A.V.E. Squad is a top-down dungeon-crawler RPG which uses Bloxels to offer three types of gameplay. The first is of course the level design. Players can use blocks to design mazes, place coins, as well as keys to unlock doors and other levels. The second and third are the game itself as the player can choose to either explore the level they’ve created defeating the enemy, or alternatively playing the level boss stopping heroes from conquering the level.

So, with the Bloxels Kickstarter, not only are you getting access to a pretty uninque and creative platform, you’re also getting access to a game that has more possibilities than you or your young-one could possibly imagine. What’s more, multiple Bloxel boards can be added to the game to create a completely unique roguelike dungeon to keep the game going more than just one level at a time.

Interestingly though, if Bloxels becomes a success even more genres of games will be compatible with Bloxels, explains the Kickstarter:

There are all types of games that could be built for Bloxels beyond dungeon crawlers. We have ideas for puzzle games, action, adventure, runners, tower defense, strategy, side scrollers, shooters, racers and more. We even have some purely learning based games we’ve come up with. Keep an eye out for more for Bloxels games after the Kickstarter, all compatible with the Bloxels gameboard.

$40,000 really isn’t that much to get Bloxels off the ground, and with an expected shipping date of October, you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on Bloxels and the pretty neat looking game, B.R.A.V.E. Squad. Oh and did I mention if you pledge $500 or more, you’ll get this absolutely gorgeous Walnut gameboard:

Bloxels Puts Video Game Design in your Hands.. - n3rdabl3


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